Skyfire Management

Skyfire Management

Team Skyfire established by Ryley "Quadd" Robinson, Justin "Fluxiem" Vines and Stuart "Braxius" Wright in early 2015, is a gaming organisation that plans to harness the full power of brutally powerful teams and launch them into success. Our plan at Team Skyfire is to only house 3 teams. The reason we only plan to do that is to make sure the teams that we are looking after is getting everything they need to grow and succeed. We plan to be one of the most successful gaming organisations in Oceania which we can then expand to the international scene.

  • Quadd

    Ryley Robinson

    Just a straight out boss at life....Read More

  • Braxius

    Stuart Wright

    Very passionate gamer wanting to change the future for eSports to the very best of my ability. I have been around eSports since early 2010 and have been the Founder of another Organisation called Seraphic Nexus, which was running strong for many years. After things personally changed and happened I had to close down Seraphic Nexus. Now returning after a bit of a break, I was approached by Ryley and Justin to be incharge of Team Skyfire. This definately made me very excited as this was something that has never been tried before anywhere else in the world, so I was keen to see how it would all play out. The time I have spent so far in Team Skyfire, I am absolutely loving this Organisation and am 100% sure this will blow alot of top Australian Organisations out of the water....Read More

  • Fluxiem

    Justin Vines

    Fluxiem’s strive for competitive eSports started in 2011 on the release of Gears of War 3 he then became one of the most respected underdog gamers in the Oceanic scene for “Gears of War 3”. Moving on Fluxiem continued with the game to its next release “Gears of War Judgement”. With his professional attitude and thriving skill level he and his team mates became the top team in Oceanic scene for the exclusive, in 2013 at the age of 13. After his glory, the game became irrelevant to the competitive scene, Fluxiem began his career in Graphic Design at the age of 13. His artistic talent and visual input in designs at a young age led him to push his work further every day. Although Fluxiem still had his competitive eSport mindset which led him to start his very own competitive eSports organisation to lead, called “Surge eSports”. After his fond success of the organisation he concluded the company’s existence to focus on his potential in graphic design. At the current age of 15 he continued to progress his way up the oceanic scene creating a well-respected name across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. With Fluxiem’s current success in the scene of graphic design he won a local competition to design a logo for a regional Basketball club which led him to receive prize money of $100 dollars and an invitational masterclass of work experience with Local Graphic professionals, and screen printers. In the spotlight Fluxiem discovered 4Nothing Oceania, a professional eSports Organisation competing at a high level. He became interested in being there private designer to accommodate them with any design related need, as well as helping manage the organisation with overseas commerce. This gives Fluxiem the esteemed title of Founder of Skyfire....Read More

  • RaD3

    Raghav Singh

    Raghav "RaD3" singh comes from India and has been a gaming enthusiast all of his life. In his teens he used to represent a very successful Counter strike team back in his home country. Although RaD3 came to Australia to study I.T. and now has a successful carrier in the investments industry he just could not move away from his passion for esports. He was finally able to feed this hunger by getting on board with the Skyfire management team. He dreams of Team Skyfire's name to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the top esports organisations in the world. ...Read More