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Sun 17th May 2015 - 2:22pm

At Skyfire we enjoy building a community that is warm and welcoming. Starting from today we will be uploading media to Youtube and will be streaming to the community via Twitch. Heading up the team is Sam "Prizma" Millar and Jack "iSynzah" Rindfleish.


Jack "iSynzah" Rindfleish

Having been involved with the gaming and eSports scene for a number of years, whilst holding a passion and interest for Video and film making, I was looking for a way to venture out and combine my two passions. This was an easy choice for me, starting a Youtube Channel where I can express my personality and play my favourite video games was the perfect fit for me. For over 2 years now, I have been creating high quality gaming content, learning new and effective ways to make the most entertaining and visualy pleasing videos possible. Working for a premium organisation like Skyfire is a huge opportunity, and will continue to learn and improve my video creating technqiues to create the most entertaining content possible.

"Skyfire Productions is a fantastic opportunity to grow the oceanic eSports scene sharing content abroad. Working for this premium organisation is an absoulute honour." Jack


Sam "Prizma" Miller

Coming from a competitive call of duty background starting back toward the end of black ops 2. I slowly became more and more interested in both basic video games and eSports itself - the love carried over into management when I became the co-owner of a up and coming Australian org EndZoneHQ a few months back. this was not only a huge learning experience, but gave me the opportunity to see all the hard work that happens behind the scenes to allow the community to strive. And now? I plan to bring the to Team Skyfire. The platform has already been set for me and i believe with the right people around us the production team can go a long way to growing the Australian scene. 

"I believe with the right people around us the production team can go a long way to growing the Australian scene. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with the guys over at Skyfire so lets #bringthefire" Sam



Ryley Robinson

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